Coating refurbishment services

In most cases, where a coating is exposed to any type of contact, movement or significant abrasion, they have a finite life. This depends on the application that the coating is being used, whether that is in a relatively mild environment such as rubber moulding or whether it is in a harsh industrial application such as high speed packaging, abrasive media processing or heat sealing. A coating that is worn or damaged can have a detrimental effect upon productivity, yield and the appearance of the end product. Quite often, when the coating wears away or is damaged, the whole part is disposed of, causing expensive re-manufacturing and coating costs, as well as production down time whilst replacement parts are sourced.

We have the facilities to carefully remove worn or damaged coatings and re-apply a completely new coating to parts, so that they are returned to their original condition as if they were brand new. In many cases we are able to offer far superior coatings to those specified on OEM equipment. If you are interested in our refurbishment service, please contact our sales department, either by email or by telephone 01798 343586, where we will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail.

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