Food Processing

Non-stick and low friction coatings play a vital role right across the food processing industry and their use provides a substantial benefit in terms of product quality, efficiency and speed of manufacturing.

Some of the items that benefit from our coatings are:

  • Sweet Moulds
  • Baking Tins
  • Griddle Plates
  • Cutting & Slicing Blades
  • Hoppers
  • Chutes
  • Augers
  • Waffle Irons

Food processing applications where particularly sticky or abrasive products are used will function much more effectively and the use of oils or release agents can be substantially reduced or in most cases, eliminated altogether.

The coating will also act as an easy-clean, hygienic barrier on the surface of any component, which can reduce the intensity and frequency of the cleaning process.

We also offer a refurbishment service where a damaged or worn coating can be removed and replaced with a new coating without having to replace the entire piece of equipment.

As with all applications, it is important to understand the nature of the food processing that is taking place as certain types of fluoropolymer provide more favourable results with different types of process. For example, a process that involves a high fat content would not always benefit from the same type of coating as a product with a high sugar content.

We have a full range of coating systems available, tailored to suit specific applications throughout the enormous variety of processes within the food industry.

Not all coatings are suitable for food contact uses but those that are, can normally be supported by a Regulatory Compliance Statement. This document is supplied, on request from the manufacturer and certifies that the composition of the coating complies for example in the USA, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) or in other countries, from regulatory authorities that control coatings that come into contact with food, depending on where the end use operation is taking place.

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