Consultancy Services

With market leading technical expertise, innovative thinking and a highly focused approach to customer satisfaction, PTFE Coatings can offer in-depth advice, prototyping and sampling for development and testing purposes. Our involvement at the early stages can give significant benefits in cost saving and potential re-design during the latter stages of product development.


Taking a collaborative approach, we can offer services working at all levels with designers, engineers, chemists, project managers, sub-contractors and suppliers from all disciplines. Our objective is to work closely to create effective, long term and commercially viable solutions from the conceptual stage, throughout the design process, to an enhanced finished product.

The role that we adopt is to add value to your process through improved efficiency, increased yield and better product quality. When the most suitable coating system is chosen, there is less likelihood of the need for re-coating or on-going maintenance schedules. Even with well established processes, we are able to offer tangible benefits by analysing your process with a view to offering alternatives that are much more suitable.

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