Electrical Insulation/Conductive

Electrical Insulation

Fluoropolymer coatings have high dielectric strength, a very high surface resistivity and a low dissipation factor. The pure fluoropolymer topcoats have the best insulating properties but also single layer systems are also excellent dielectrics where insulation is required for low levels of electrical energy.

It is important to select the correct coating system for this type of application as some coating systems have pigments with the ability to conduct electrical currents that are added purely to give colour or reinforcement such as carbon, aluminium or titanium.

We have modern, calibrated instruments for testing and detection of pinholes in coated surfaces where electrical insulation is required. We can supply results of these tests as part of our certificate of conformity or as a separate document if required.

Conductive Coatings

Conductive coatings are available that contain carbon or metallic fillers in static sensitive situations or on parts that operate in potentially explosive atmospheres. Conductivity can be either across the surface of the coating, which still insulates the substrate material, or with a single or multi-layer system with conductive primer and topcoat to allow conductivity through the coating.

The levels of conductivity depend on the type, quantity and size of the conductive materials that have been added to the coating.

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