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This industry faces huge challenges with salt water corrosion and chemical attack. Fluoropolymer coatings, particularly from the Xylan range, play a vital role on a global scale, protecting key components in one of the harshest natural environments. Typical items are:

  • Fastners
  • Stud Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Connectors
  • Bearings
  • Valves
  • Shafts
  • Pipework

Whether the application is corrosion resistance, chemical attack, galvanic corrosion, reducing make-up torque, anti-galling or colour coding of sub-sea connectors, we have a wide range of solutions giving unrivalled performance and allow the use of less exotic metals which has a major cost benefit.

Tensioning of nuts and bolts can be unpredictable due to the frictional forces generated by the mating thread surfaces. This can lead to the fasteners being insufficiently pre-loaded and leading to a potentially weak joint that also has the potential to work loose where vibration is present.

The application of a coating to threaded fasteners can substantially reduce make up torque and deliver far more reliable tensioning during installation.

Exceptional corrosion resistance provided by the coating will also ensure the durability of the parts and ease of removal in the case of disassembly.

Additional primers and pre-treatments can also be used to inhibit corrosion by promoting the formation of a passive oxide layer on the surface of the metal. Sacrificial protection can also be achieved by adding anodic metallic pigments which corrode more readily than the substrate material. The resulting by product of this will fill pores or pin-holes in the coating which will retard the corrosion process. Inert fillers can be added which create an indirect and increased length of the diffusion path and by providing a barrier to moisture and oxygen the corrosive reaction is reduced substantially.

Coatings of Xylan offer many benefits for offshore service. These include resistance to corrosion and chemical attack, superb subsea visibility, lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

Xylan coatings have been the first choice of many engineers in the offshore industry for more than 30 years.

You’ll find Xylan hard at work above and below the sea in the Hibernian Peninsula, Gulf of Mexico, Arabian Sea, South China Sea, North Sea, West Africa’s deepwater frontier — wherever the offshore industry faces severe conditions that demand the finest performance from protective coatings.

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Whitford's Coatings, Explained

Xylan 1010:

Dry-film lubricant for any wear surface to reduce friction, prevent scoring and galling, and provide secondary lubrication in the event of failure of the primary (conventional) lubricant. In addition to its low coefficient of friction (0.04-1.00), Xylan 1010 has good release properties, good chemical and abrasion resistance, and operates at temperatures up to 285°C (550°F).

Xylan 1014:

Similar to Xylan 1010, but with significantly more bonding resin relative to its content of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) lubricant. This provides a finish that is harder, more abrasion- resistant, glossier and less porous. Friction values remain low and predictable.

Xylan 1052:

Dry-film lubricant formulated with PTFE and MoS2 for high-pressure, low-speed wear applications. Its unique chemistry provides dependable, bonded lubrication for bearing surfaces subjected to extreme pressures of up to 10,500 kg/cm2 (150,000 psi). Xylan 1052 operates at temperatures up to 285°C (550°F).

Xylan 1070:

Highly corrosion-resistant, low-friction coating designed to reduce make-up and break-out torque, even after prolonged exposure to corrosive environments. Xylan 1070 also offers good wear and abrasion resistance.

Xylan 1212:

Waterborne thin-film barrier coating with excellent corrosion resistance, ideal where tolerance is critical and lubrication unnecessary.

Xylan 1213:

Waterborne, dry-film lubricant designed for high-pressure/low-speed applications. When combined with Xylan 1212 offers good corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Xylan 1270 (1400):

A low-cost alternative to Xylan 1070 (1424), but with less lubrication. For fasteners where reduced break-out torque is not necessary.

Xylan 1311:

Similar to Xylan 1331 with less PTFE. Use when abrasion resistance is more important than lubrication and/or nonwetting properties. Considered an economical singlefilm coating.

Xylan 1331:

Dry-film lubricant with PPS and PTFE for outstanding wear/abrasion resistance. The high percentage of PTFE provides a lubricious, nonstick surface. This resin-bonded coating has excellent corrosion and chemical resistance and is virtually unaffected by any solvents up to 205°C (400°F).

Xylan 1424:

Waterborne/VOC-compliant, highly corrosion-resistant, dry-film lubricant designed for use on any mating surface requiring lubrication. Xylan 1424 reduces make-up and break-out torque and also offers excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Similar to Xylan 1014.

Xylan 1425:

Waterborne, dry-film lubricant formulated with PTFE and MoS2 specifically for high-pressure, low-speed wear applications. Its unique chemistry provides dependable, bonded lubrication for bearing surfaces subjected to extreme pressures up to 10,500 kg/cm2 (150,000 psi). Xylan 1425 operates well in harsh chemical environments and at temperatures up to 190°C (375°F). Similar to Xylan 1052.

Xylan 1427:

Waterborne, low-friction, highly corrosion- resistant fastener coating designed to reduce make-up and break-out torque, even after prolonged exposure to corrosive environments. Xylan 1427 also offers excellent chemical, wear and abrasion resistance.

Xylan 1514:

UV-resistant, dry-film lubricant with excellent low friction. Xylan 1514 is designed for highly visible, decorative applications where stain resistance and easy-clean properties are required. This coating also offers some corrosion and abrasion resis tance and is considered the most lubricious in the series.

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