Mould Release Non-Stick

There are very few solid substances that can adhere permanently to a fluoropolymer coating. Some tacky materials may adhere slightly but almost all substances release effortlessly.

There are many industrial applications where excellent release is critical to the efficiency of the process, to include:

  • Food Processing
  • Thermoforming
  • Injection Moulding
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Rubber & Elastomer Moulder
  • Reprographic Rollers
  • Potting Jigs
  • Glue Fixtures
  • Forming Madrels
  • Extraction Ducting

Non stick or release is more widely associated with the release of food products but it is critical to many industrial processes. A coating can be applied to almost any solid surface, as long as it is dry, clean and free from any oil or grease.

Release agents are commonly used but these are very expensive, time consuming to apply and far less effective than a durable, hard-wearing fluoropolymer coating. Release agents can also affect the visual and physical properties of the moulded product as residues often remain and in most circumstances will have to be removed manually or by an additional, mechanical process.

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Non stick and release properties are also beneficial in processes where a build up of dust or waste residue can occur. A non stick surface can reduce or eliminate build up of unwanted substances in processing equipment, which will increase efficiency and reduce the need for maintenance shut downs.

De-moulding operations can be significantly improved in terms of time and by maintaining product integrity by minimising de-moulding forces and any physical human intervention to remove parts from mould tools.

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