High Temperature

Most coatings that contain PTFE and PFA can withstand continuous temperatures of 260°c and up to 290°c for short periods of around 30 minutes. Coatings that contain FEP are generally rated for maximum in-use temperatures of 205°c.

Lubricants and release agents are significantly affected by high temperatures and some will start to oxidise at temperatures that are well below the capabilities of fluoropolymer coatings.

The use of thermosetting binder resins ensures that Xylan coatings retain their hardness, even at temperatures above 260°c. In some cases, organic pigments may discolour but the physical properties of the coating will still allow it to function effectively.

In heat sealing and thermoforming and moulding applications, almost all plastics melt at temperatures well within the limitations of fluoropolymer coatings so productivity, yield, quality and integrity are all significantly improved.

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