The packaging industry is under extreme pressure to maintain a continuous, efficient process with minimal stoppages or delays.

Our services to the packaging industry fall into two basic areas. The first relates to low friction and dry lubrication coatings for packaging machinery, which include:

  • Feed Gates
  • Hoppers
  • Sliding Mechanisms
  • Guides
  • Lead Screws
  • Bag Guides
  • Rotating Shafts
  • Hinges

Reduced friction in such applications will reduce wear, heat, energy loss and contribute to a much more efficient process. When plant or machinery has been idle for a period of time, static friction values can be significantly reduced to lower energy and the mechanical forces required for start-up.

Dry lubrication properties can be highly beneficial, particularly in some food and pharmaceutical applications where the use of conventional lubricants such as oil or grease are not permitted.

The reduction in energy costs can also be significant when friction is reduced.

There are a range of options available including PTFE rich systems, or when high abrasive forces are present, we can provide systems that have a higher resin content or even with ceramic or metallic fillers that can provide up to five times more abrasion resistance than a standard coating with only a 20% reduction in the coefficient of friction.

The second area that we serve in this industry is heat sealing, pre-heat and forming equipment. This is an area where the selection of the correct type of coating is critical. Typical applications are:

  • Heat Sealing Bars
  • Cutting Blades
  • Pre-heat Plates
  • Forming Tools
  • Moulds
  • Rollers
  • Glue Tanks
  • Adhesive Label Dispensers

The benefits of applying a coating to heat sealing equipment can be enormous in terms of process speed, quality of the seal, both functionally and visually and by reducing the potential loss of revenue as a result of line stoppages and down-time.

It is important to understand as much about your process as we can including sealing temperatures, type of media, speed etc. This will enable us to select the most appropriate coating system for your application.

Glue build up can be a major problem in packaging applications and non-stick coatings can make a huge difference to the efficiency of the process. Clean down time is dramatically reduced as is the likelihood of causing damage to the dispensing equipment by using aggressive mechanical methods of removing set glue.

Most people don’t pay much attention to the seal on a packet of cold meat or on the bottom of a toothpaste tube but these are the result of vast engineering expertise and resources. These types of product are packaged in almost incomprehensible quantities and at very impressive speed. We fully understand the nature of this industry and we have many solutions for a wide range of problems.

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