Cryogenic Applications

PTFE remains stable between a wide range of temperatures, from as low as almost -270⁰c to +260⁰c. Its stability and retention of physical properties at extremely low temperatures make it an ideal solution for cryogenic applications such as:

  • Microscopy Components
  • Dewars
  • Transfer Hoses
  • Seals
  • Semi-conductor Industry
  • Pharmaceutical R & D
  • Thermowells

Cryogenic temperatures are below the scale of refrigeration temperatures and are generally considered to be between -150°c and absolute zero, which is -273°c

A range of coatings are available from almost pure topcoats to resinous single layer systems that can also function without loss of physical properties at temperatures as low as -195°c.

PTFE can provide excellent dry lubrication properties to mating surfaces that are exposed to cryogenic temperatures where traditional lubricants would freeze and become ineffective.

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