Wear Resistant

Wear is inevitable when two surfaces rub against each other and the outcome is normally the destruction or degradation of the mating surfaces. When friction is reduced, the rate of wear reduces as well. Blends of fluoropolymers and hard, durable resins can significantly reduce or in some cases eliminate wear altogether. Internally reinforced coatings are available that have ceramic or metallic fillers that can increase service life by up to five times that of a conventional low friction coating, with only a 20% increase in the coefficient of friction.

In some applications, traditional lubricants such as oil or other fluids are not permitted or the operating temperature of the process will exceed their limitations. In such cases, PTFE coatings provide a very effective and long lasting solution. The resins and fluoropolymers contained in Xylan coatings remain stable from cryogenic levels to temperatures in excess of 290°c.

Friction and wear can be reduced when a coating is applied to one or both of the mating surfaces. Some of the examples of applications that benefit from the application of a PTFE coating are below:

  • Rotary Actuators
  • Valves
  • Cylinder Liners
  • Linkages
  • Guide Rails
  • Bearing Surfaces
  • Ball Joints
  • Plungers
  • Hinges
  • Machine Slides
  • One of the main benefits of wear resistant coatings is that in the vast majority of cases, allowances do not need to be made for the additional layers of coating, which can be applied to a thickness as little as 15 – 30 microns. In very high pressure applications, additives such as MoS2 or graphite, in addition to the PTFE content, give excellent bearing and anti-galling properties.

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