Innovation in medical science has progressed at such a rate, to the point where process requirements have driven traditional engineering materials to a point where additional properties are required and the benefits of Xylan and DuPont coatings can make a significant difference. Some examples are:

  • Anaesthesia Delivery
  • Stirring/Agitating Shafts
  • Sterilisation Equipment
  • Saline Packaging
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Centrifuge Componenets

Non-stick coatings provide excellent release properties for moulding and forming processes and in some applications, where a process or substance is not permitted to be in contact with a metal or potentially impure substrate, fluoropolymer coatings will act as an inert, physical barrier between the process and the substrate or to stop any permeation and chemical attack.

The non-wetting and chemically inert properties of fluoropolymer coatings will prevent almost all substances adhering to or reacting with the coated surface. Cleaning is also simplified without the use of additional chemicals or substances.

Coatings that are used in medical applications must be carefully selected due to the nature of the end use. Our vast experience within the coating industry and wide range of coating systems available allow us to make the most appropriate choice in all applications.

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