Fluoropolymer coatings cannot be wetted. They are hydrophobic (water repellent) As a result, coated surfaces are easier to clean and in some cases, the surfaces are self-cleaning.

Hydrophobic properties are a result of the low surface energy of fluoropolymers. This tendency to repel causes the surface tension of a water droplet to draw itself up into a bead and without the ability to wet or penetrate the surface, the water droplet will simply roll away.

Hydrophobic coatings can be used in filtration equipment, coalescers, and in many other applications where the presence of water or water based solutions cause problems.

Oleophobic (Oil Shedding)

Fluoropolymers are oleophobic or oil shedding. This property can be highly beneficial where fluid lubrication is also used, providing additional lubrication in addition to reducing frictional shear forces on internal parts operating within an environment where fluid lubricants are used.

Cleaning of plant and equipment that is subject to exposure to oils is much easier when a fluoropolymer coating has been applied.

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